What We Do

Team Mentoring

Team Mentoring is the cornerstone of Movement of Youth. College students apply annually to become mentors and friends for high school students in the Movement of Youth program. These close, year-long relationships provide participants with access to a student scholar who offers knowledge about how to successfully apply to and excel in college. The goal is to promote the academic achievement of our participants, motivating them to complete high school and then pursue higher education. The program offers activities that support these goals and the relationships between mentors and mentees.

Team mentoring features several mentors working with small groups of mentees, in which the mentor-to-mentee ratio is not greater than 1:4. Through this setup, we believe that mentors have the opportunity to develop and foster a unique and lasting relationship with multiple mentees. By sharing the knowledge they have regarding the college application process and by providing academic guidance, our mentors serve as models of academic success for the youth we serve. We rely on the commitment of our mentors to make a dramatic difference in the lives of their individual students.

The mentoring relationship is tracked through monthly contact reports that outline mentor activity with the mentee. Mentors and mentees will meet according to their own particular circumstances and needs, but generally meetings will occur at least once a month. Because the mentoring relationship is focused on the needs of the mentee, the mentee is encouraged to take responsibility for driving the mentoring relationship, for arranging meetings, and for negotiating what they would like to achieve and how they would like a mentor to assist them. We discuss the mentoring relationships during monthly chat sessions. This allows mentors to discuss their mentoring experience as well as address issues they have been facing.

The Mentoring Team will occasionally provide informal outing opportunities for mentors and mentees to spend time together outside of Leadership Academy sessions.