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Start a Movement of Youth Site

Do you want to help your friends, family members, and other students in your school or community take ownership of their future aspirations and become better prepared to enter and complete some form of post-secondary education?

If you answered YES, then start a Movement of Youth (MOY) Site at your college to provide local middle and high-school students with intellectually challenging activities, positive role models to help set long-term aspirations, and the mentoring support required to nurture and fulfill those aspirations.

A MOY Site is comprised of a group of highly influential college students (undergraduate) that work together in partnership with teachers, counselors, administrators, and families to ensure all students are college and career ready. Site leaders receive training, guidance, materials, and support from MOY's national staff based in Durham, North Carolina. We are looking for:

  1. Motivated and involved student leaders
  2. Individuals who want to make a tangible impact on their campuses and in the lives of others
  3. Students from different academic backgrounds

If Selected Your Site Will Receive

  1. Start-up funding and in-kind support (financial management, one-on-one mentorship, etc.) from the Movement of Youth National Office
  2. The Summer Institute where you will have the chance to network with Site Leaders and alumni from around the country
  3. Phone Mentorship throughout the year from National Office Staff and Movement of Youth Alumni
  4. Access to internship opportunities with our Corporate Sponsors
  5. And many more programs

Movement of Youth’s national brand will identify your Site as part of a larger student movement to build a safer, smarter, more socially-conscious world.

Please email us at with any questions regarding the start-up process.