About Us

Our History

Seeing such a need to address the educational and social needs of underrepresented populations, Atrayus Goode founded Movement of Youth (MOY) in 2006 as a junior at UNC-Chapel Hill. MOY prepares diverse youth to lead and succeed in the 21st Century through mentoring and targeted enrichment activities led by college students. MOY is based off a similar program that Atrayus completed during middle- and high-school sponsored by the Greater Charlotte Chapter of the 100 Black Men of America. Upon Atrayus' graduation from high-school, the 100 awarded him a merit scholarship to attend college. While attending UNC, Atrayus formed MOY as a way to give back to those that helped him be successful.

MOY began working with 11 young men of color from Hillside High School in Durham, North Carolina. Students from Hillside High School represented a critical group because it was a school that had not performed as well as other schools in the district, although it was receiving a great deal of attention and support from the district, including Durham Public Schools bringing in instructors from North Carolina Central University to teach. At the time, Hillside was under state court supervision for mandated improvement.

At the present, MOY impacts hundreds of middle and high school students annually and is in the process of scaling nationally. Since MOY's inception, 99% of participants have been students of color with the following outcomes:

  1. 100% of students complete at least eight (8) hours of community service per school year (MOY mentors and mentees have completed 25,000+ volunteer hours since 2006)
  2. 100% of high school students enroll in at least one (1) Honors or Advanced Placement Course
  3. 100% of students graduate from high school
  4. 96.5% of students enroll in college

MOY aspires to be the nation’s leading movement for young people to disrupt the status quo and build a safer, smarter, more socially conscious world. Our investment in diverse students today is an investment in America’s future.